Library Guide of Engineering Building 14 Library


‘@Library map

Opening hours
Mon.`Fri. 9F30`17F30 iService counter is closed 12F30`13F30j
Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and New Year's holidays. Library may also be closed on other days as required.
Eligibility for use of library
E@Persons affiliated with University of Tokyo
Faculty members,university personnel, graduate students, undergraduate students, research students, auditors, researchers, and professors emeritus.
E@Persons from outside University of Tokyo
Former faculty members, alumni, persons bearing the Common Pass to National University Libraries, and persons bearing a letter of introduction from a library of an affiliated university or research institution.
E@The citizen who wishes use of library materials
All other persons must submit an application specifying the material to be used in advance.
Requirements for admission to library
Persons from outside University of Tokyo:
Please drop in at the library counter.
EligibilityPersons affiliated with University of Tokyo and persons with a letter of introduction from a faculty member of the Urban Engineering Institute.
RequirementsUsers must present a student ID or personal identification and follow all other required procedures to borrow books.
Maximum number of books3
Length of borrowing term2 weeks(Periodicals must be returned on the photocopying time.)
Materials not available for borrowingnon-circulating materials, periodicals
Other informationPersons from outside University of Tokyo wishing to borrow books must request loans through the Central Library.
Do the confirmation of the material's possession in advance by Fax or E-mail.
Photocopying permittedPermitted (restricted to use of Intra-university Photocopying Service or the Faculty of Engineering Joint Photocopying System)
RequirementsFaculty member of the urban engineering institute : A copy card is borrowed in the laboratory.
Other subjects |Yellow copy request document. It is issued in the library of your subject to belong.
Other faculties |Pink copy request document. It is issued in the library of your subject to belong.
Ask in the urban engineering library if a copy request document ins't issued.
Interlibrary loan (ILL) services (Faculty of urban engineering members only)
Both order and accept.(Orders by mail may be accepted only from libraries belonging to other campus.)
e-DDS (Electronic Document Delivery System & Services)
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