Activities on & out of Campus

Spring - Summer

    Azalea Festival in Nezu Shrine

    Exploring the Tsukiji Market

    Eating in Tsukiji

    Visiting the Diet Members' Office

    Cultural experience tour in NIHONBASHI

    Visiting Asakusa town

    Life Safety Learning Center

    Tokyo Bay Cruise

    Lunch at Monja Restaurant in Asakusa

    Final Speech Presentation and Completion Ceremony of Summer Semester, 2018

Autumn - Winter

    Visiting Kawagoe City

    Life Safety Learning Center

    Fire Fighting Drill

    Earthquake Simulation

    Rainstorm Simulation Section

    Tokyo Bay Cruise

    Lunch (Sumo Wrestler's Stew)

    Ryoogoku Walking Tour

    Chrysanthemum Festival in Yushima Tenjin

    Splendid Ginkgo Trees on Campus

    Tokyo Skytree

    Bonsai Museum

    Tokyo Bay Cruise by the traditional ship

    My Favorite Kanji of the Year

    The First Calligraphy Writing of the New Year

    Tea Ceremony

    Bean-scatterring of Setsubun
    (Traditional end of winter)

    Final Speech Party of Winter Semester, 2017