Types of Admissions

Regular Admission

See the School of Engineering website and the department’s Japanese website.

International Admission

Information specific to the Special English Graduate Program for International Students in Urban and Environmental Studies (UBE-UPN/ENV) is provided below.

Research Students and Student Exchange

Graduate Program for International Students in Urban and Environmental Studies (UBE-UPN/ENV)

The Graduate Program for International Students in Urban and Environmental Studies (UBE-UPN/ENV) is the special English graduate programs provided by Department of Urban Engineering, and one of the Special English Graduate Programs provided by the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. Students can study and acquire master or doctoral degrees through lectures and research supervision conducted in English. Click here for more information on academics and campus life.

An alternative to regular admission, students admitted through Special English Graduate Programs can directly enter master or doctoral programs at the Graduate School of Engineering. Applicants must apply through the online application system, T-cens, and receive a primary evaluation based on their academic qualifications. If you do not meet the eligibility of the programs, you might need to apply through regular admission and sit for the regular entrance examination of the Graduate School of Engineering.

How to Apply

Step 1. Download and read the application guidelines provided by both the Graduate School of Engineering and the Department of Urban Engineering. These guidelines can be downloaded from the Graduate School of Engineering International Admissions website.

Step 2. Check our faculty members and research units and choose which laboratory you are interested in

Step 3. Check the Application Process and schedule listed below

Schedule for October 2025 IntakeProcess

15:00 JST,
September 2, 2024

Online Application starts.
15:00 JST,
November 5, 2024
Deadline for creating T-cens application account.
15:00 JST,
November 7, 2024
Deadline for online application through T-cens. Data entry and online submission must be done no later than this date.
November 2024 – December 2024Only candidates selected during the first screening will be asked to submit the original application documents by post. Please do not post your documents unless instructed to do so by the selection committee.
Note: The department will not respond to inquiries regarding the selection process.
December 19, 2024

【For applicants who passed the first screening】

Original application documents must reach the Department of Urban Engineering Office no later than this date.
Before posting your application, download the Submission Checklist, conduct a final check of your submission documents and confirm the postal address.
Note: We will not accept any applications or supporting documents submitted after the deadline under any circumstances. Please prepare carefully to ensure your documents arrive before the deadline.
Applicants who passed the first screening will be invited by the selection committee to the second screening (interview with faculty) by January 2025.

Early March, 2025Applicants who passed the second screening will be announced in early March 2025 on the webpage of the Department of Urban Engineering.
October 2025Enrollment procedures are planned for September 2025. Successful applicants must arrive in Japan and complete the necessary enrollment procedures within this time period. Further details of the enrollment period will be announced later. Refer to the Academic Calendar at the Useful Links page.

Step 4. Guidance Information

Before you proceed with the registration, you must read the Guidance Information carefully. You will find all necessary information and instructions to complete your application process.

Step 5. Apply using the online application system T-cens. 
Online Application Period: Between September 2, 2024 (15:00 JST) and November 7, 2024 (15:00 JST).

Click the T-cens icon and start your application. 

Go to the Course Directory and find the course you wish to apply for. After reading through the course summary, click the T-cens icon to create a User Account during the application period.

Note that in addition to completing the application through T-cens, applicants who passed the first screening will be asked to submit the original documents by post.

Financial Arrangements

The Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo provides financial assistance to students. Please check the School of Engineering website for detailed information on:

Available financial support programs:

  • University of Tokyo Fellowship; The University of Tokyo Special Scholarship for International Students
  • SEUT Grant for International Students sponsored by the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
  • Financial support programs for WINGS CFS students, the University of Tokyo
  • Private Organizations’ Scholarships recommended through the Graduate School of Engineering
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB) -Japan Scholarship with a recommendation from the Department of Urban Engineering (see below)
  • JICA ‘Innovative Asia’ / Scholarship to Japan
    and others
The Asian Development Bank (ADB)/Japan Scholarship Program (JSP)

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) offers a full scholarship to outstanding students who apply for master’s program in our department (ADB/JSP Program). Our department will nominate two or three (2 or 3) qualified applicants per year and recommend them to the ADB as candidates. This scholarship is available to nationals of an ADB borrowing member country with at least two (2) years of full-time professional working experience (after graduating from university) at the time of application. Check the full list of eligibility requirements before applying.

To apply for the ADB/JSP Program, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download our “ADB_UBE_Form” on T-cens and fill in the required information
Step 2: Upload the form on your T-cens account
Step 3: The completed form must be submitted as part of your application via post (only for applicants who passed the first screening)