Education highlights: Fieldwork and Studio

Urban Planning Lectures/Studio

To see the course details, please refer to the UTokyo Online Course Catalogue.

3717-030 (S1)Advanced Course in Residential Environment
3717-046 (A1A2)Advanced Course in Travel Behavior Analysis
3717-047 (S1)Advanced Course in Urban Transport Planning Policy
3716-168 (S1S2)Advanced Lecture in Landscape Planning
3716-137 (S1S2)Global Urban Planning
3717-031 (A1)Regional Planning
3717-018 (A1)Studio Work in Urban Development 3
3717-019 (A2)Studio Work in Urban Development 4
3717-032 (A2)Urban Development Policy and Planning
3716-152 (S1S2)Urban Redesign Studio
3716-125 (S1S2)Urban Redesign Study

Urban Environmental Engineering Lectures/Fieldwork

3716-037Advanced Course in Environmental Engineering Laboratory
3717-044(A1A2)Advanced Course in Environmental Microbiology
3717-043 (A1)Advanced Course in Health-related Water Microbiology
3716-045 (S1)Advanced Water Quality Engineering
3716-119 (S2)Appropriate Technology for Environmental Sanitation 2
3716-091 (A2)Environmental Reaction Kinetics
3717-025 (S1)Environmental Risk Management
3716-043 (A1)Environmental Systems Analysis
3716-169 (S1)Forefronts of Urban Environmental Projects
3716-094 (A2)Fundamentals of Water Pollution Control
3717-024 (A2)Hazardous Waste Management
3716-117 (A1A2)Management of Global and Urban Environment
3717-041 (S2)Systems and Tools toward a Sound Material-cycle Society
3716-170 (A1)Urban Studies in the Post-Pandemic Era
3716-116 (S1S2)Urban Water Systems