Urban Resource Management Laboratory

What kind of work do you do now?

I am currently working for Environment Preservation Research Center (EPRC), Kyoto University (KU). The principal objectives of EPRC include education and research on environment preservation and modalities of recycling-based society, guidance and advice on the management and proper disposal of liquid and solid wastes generated at KU, and support to university-wide promotion of environmental safety healthcare activities. I joined the EPRC in November 2016. Currently, I am engaging in information dissemination on environmental laws, presentation/ submission of notification and reports to other university organs as well as regulatory authorities and other outside organization, as required or appropriate under environmental laws, and investigation of mercury storage in Kyoto University.

What did you learn in Urban Environmental Engineering?

My doctoral work was related to the analysis of material flow and environmental and resource impact for strategic management of end-of-life (EoL) electrical and electronic equipment in China. During my studies, I applied time-series product and substance flow analysis in order to quantify the mass flows between processes and trends of the amounts of outputs by types of household appliances and by types of substances. I also categorized substances contained in EoL television sets and personal computers into environmental, resource, and economic aspects under consideration of product transition. I learnt advanced analytical skills of environmental assessment filed, and importantly, I got ability with logical thinking.

Message to students who wish to enter Urban Engineering.

There are many foreign students in the department such as Chinese, Korean, Indian, Bengalese, and American and so on. You are able to become friends through cross-cultural communication. Also, many kind Japanese students are able to guide you to deeply understand Japanese culture such as Sushi (one of Japanese foods), Kabuki, Shrine, Sake (Japanese rice wine) and whatever you want to know!