Environmental Systems Laboratory

Why did you choose Urban Environmental Engineering?

There is no doubt that nowadays environmental issue becomes more and more serious and complicated. Our environments have been changed for the worse, which actually as a result of our activities. We are now facing with environmental problems in many scale effects. While many countries are suffering from water pollution, air pollution, solid waste issue and so on, as a whole our earth is undergoing a climate change issue. To solve the environmental problems and also to preserve the quality of our environment, environmental engineer is one of the important positions who is responsible for these things. And this inspired me to be involved in this field of study since my bachelor’s degree until now.

I decided to pursue my doctoral degree here at the Department of Urban Engineering because I definitely believe that many talented and enormous-experienced professors here can provide me valuable knowledge which will sharpen my environmental engineering background into an effective way. In addition, being a part of this university, the University of Tokyo, one of the best institutes in the world offers me a great opportunity to improve my skills by its active and competitive academic atmospheres.

How about your life in Urban Engineering?

It is very nice of being a member of this department. Everyone is very friendly and kind. Academic atmosphere here is very intensive and lively. Under the Urban Environmental Engineering course, there are many laboratory groups in a variety of specific themes. In general, we have regular meeting within each lab group. We also have joint meeting which many labs join together. From this joint meeting, I always receive lots of useful suggestions which come from many different perspectives. Also, I have learned much new knowledge from other environmental research themes. I enjoyed many interesting classes in Urban Engineering course, also a Japanese language class provided by the department which I think it is really helpful during my stay here.

Besides, we are an international society, I have not only Japanese friends but also friends from both Asian and Western countries. I am very happy to share time, experiences and culture with them!

Message to students who wish to enter Urban Engineering.

If you are interested in this field of study. I do suggest that here is a perfect choice for you. With strong academic background, brilliant professors, ready and sufficient laboratory facilities and supportive lab members, this department can completely fulfil your desire and your dream.