Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

What kind of work do you do now?

Presently, I am working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture & Planning, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, India. My job responsibilities include teaching, research and administrative works. I teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students on subjects related to urban planning and development. I am also working on several sponsored research project funded by national and international funding institutions. My research areas include urban planning, housing, institution and governance, inclusion and informality, regional science, economic growth & urbanization, and resilience. Many of the research outputs are published in books, articles and in journal publications. I am also working towards improvement of planning research by organizing conferences, workshops and research colloquiums.

What did you learn in Urban Engineering?

My present journey as an academician stared at the Department of Urban Engineering (DUE). I have learnt research acumen, perseverance, dedication and determination for innovative research. There are time when obstacles prevent in establishing solutions or achieving objectives. But I have earned an eternal fervor of tenacity from the training and research environment at DUE. I cherish my moments of intense discussions with Sensei(s) and the academic debates during the lab meetings. I have also enjoyed the Lab fun times in between which helped me to jettison the occasional tense moments in research.

Message to students who wish to enter Urban Engineering.

DUE is one of the finest place to learn about urban issues. Do not settle only for the outcome – come and enjoy the ride. It is fun and thrill to be a part of DUE and spend time with so many reputed Professors and research colleagues. DUE is a hub of infinite knowledge. It is your chance to harness your dream, and become a life long member of this knowledge fraternity. If you are aspire to dedicate yourself towards betterment of society, then DUE is the place for you. Come and fall in love with research at DUE, and enter into a life-long academic and professional network.