Urban Planning Course

NameResearch AreaLaboratory
ASAMI, Yasushi
Professor, Ph.D.
Housing policy, habitation system engineering, spatial structure of residential areas, residential environmentHousing and Urban Analysis Research Unit
DEGUCHI, Atsushi
Professor, D. Eng.4
Urban design, urban redevelopment, compact city, area managementSpatial Planning and Design Laboratory
HINO, Kimihiro
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Urban dwelling, CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design)Housing and Urban Analysis Research Unit
Professor, D. Eng.2
Urban disaster mitigation, risk engineeringUrban Information & Safety System Unit
Iida, Akiko,
Project Lecturer, Ph.D.
Landscape planning and design, urban ecologyEnvironmental Planning and Design
KATO, Takaaki
Professor, D. Eng.3
Planning and engineering for social safety system, community-based planning for disaster mitigationKATO Takaaki Lab, ISS
Professor, D. Eng.
Urban land use planningCollaborative Community Design and Planning
MANABE, Rikutaro
Professor, Ph.D.12
Information for planning, machizukuri digital transformation, citizen participation for planningUrban Land Use Planning Unit
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Planning, community development, planning methodologyUrban Land Use Planning Unit
Professor, Ph.D.
Urban design, theory of urbanism, planning historyUrban Design Lab
Project Lecturer,
Urban governance, regenerative designCollaborative Community Design and Planning
NISHI, Hayato,
Project Lecturer, Ph.D.10
Spatial statistics, housing & real estate market analysisHousing and Urban Analysis Research Unit
PARADY, Giancarlos
Lecturer, Ph.D.
Urban transportation planning, activity-travel behavior analysisUrban Transportation Research Unit
Professor, D. Eng. 1
Geographical information systems, spatial analysisHousing and Urban Analysis Research Unit
SETA, Fumihiko
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
National and urban planning, Regional development, global citiesInternational Development and Regional Planning Unit
SHO, Kojiro
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Urban space in Asian cities,
gentrification theory, participatory planning
International Development and Regional Planning Unit
TAKAMI, Kiyoshi
Associate Professor, D.Eng.
Urban transportation planning, integrated planning of transport and land useUrban Transportation Research Unit
YAMAZAKI, Takahiro,
Project Lecturer, Ph.D.11
Landscape planningEnvironmental Planning and Design

Urban Environmental Engineering Course

NameResearch AreaLaboratory
FUJITA, Tsuyoshi
Professor, D. Eng.
Regional SDGs, Environmental system, regional circular and ecological system, urban industrial symbiosisRegional Circulating and Ecological System
FUKUSHI, Kensuke
Professor, Ph.D. 5
Hazardous material management, risk management, regional water environment managementUrban Sustainability Science Laboratory
Associate Professor, D. Eng.7
Water treatment technology, water system in AsiaEnvvironmental Public Health Engineering
Associate Professor, D. Eng.2
Environmental microbiology, biological water/wastewater treatmentWater Environment Technology
KATAYAMA, Hiroyuki
Professor, D. Eng.
Water quality public health, waterworks engineering, environmental microbiologyEnvvironmental Public Health Engineering
KATO, Hiroyuki
Project Associate Professor, D. Eng.
Sewerage system, water environmental policy and business, sewerage resource utilizationSewerage System Innovation
KAZAMA, Shinobu
Associate Professor, D. Sc. 4
Environmental virology, water environmental engineering, environmental and sanitary engineeringSocial Ecological System
Project Professor, D. Eng. 7
Environmental virology, wastewater-based epidemiology, microbial risk managementInternational Wastewater-based Epidemiology
KURISU, Futoshi
Professor, D. Eng. 7
Microbial ecology for environmental engineering, groundwater/soil remediation, biological water/wastewater treatmentWater Environment Technology
Associate Professor, D. Eng.
Pro-environmental behavior, environmental system evaluation, low carbon society, waste managementUrban Sustainability Science Laboratory
NAKAJIMA, Fumiyuki
Professor, D. Eng. 6
Ecotoxicity evaluation, water chemistry, contaminated sediment managementEnvironmental Risk Management and Quality Control Technology
Associate Professor, D. Eng.
Life cycle assessment, material flow analysis, resource circulation systemRegional Circulating and Ecological System
OGUMA, Kumiko
Professor, D. Eng.
Water treatment technologies, water supply systems, environmental microbiologyUrban Water Systems
ONUKI, Motoharu
Associate Professor, D. Eng. 4
Environment and sustainability, disaster and sustainability, sustainability educationSocial Ecological System
SATOH, Hiroyasu
Professor, D. Eng. 4
Environmental microbiology, environmental chemical analysis, biological wastewater treatmentSocial Ecological System
Professor, D. Eng. 9
Appropriate wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, technology evaluation and implementationUrban Water Systems
Professor, D. Eng
Water supply engineering, water and wastewater treatmentUrban Water Systems
(Sewerage System Innovation)
TOBINO, Tomohiro
Associate Professor, D. Eng.
Biological wastewater treatment, environmental microbiology, sewerageEnvironmental Risk Management and Quality Control Technology
  1. Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies
  2. RCAST (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology)
  3. Institute of Industrial Science
  4. Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
  5. Institute for Future Initiatives
  6. Environmental Science Center
  7. Research Center for Water Environment Technology
  8. Institute for Innovation in International Engineering Education
  9. National Institute for Environmental Studies
  10. Center for Real Estate Innovation
  11. Organization for Interdisciplinary Research Projects
  12. Center for Research and Development of Higher Education

(Rev. July 1, 2024)