Urban Water Systems Laboratory

Why did you choose Urban Environmental Engineering?

The reputation of University of Tokyo in terms of research had always inspired and encouraged me. Coming from a developing country (Nepal) with lots of urban environmental problems I always had the passion for an international experience of study as well seeing how urban environments are managed in developed city like Tokyo. My dream to enroll in Urban Environmental Engineering at this university was fulfilled when I received MEXT scholarship in 2014.

Another important reason that I am here was the acceptance from my supervisor Takizawa Sensei, who has always been supportive and provides me with his valuable comments on how to conduct a good research with its own originality.

How about your life in Urban Engineering?

Life in Urban Engineering has always been pleasant and an ideal environment for conducting my research. From my status as a research student to a tough entrance for getting enrolled as a regular doctoral student, I learnt that: the thing that I am doing, knowing that it is not enough and that I have got to have hard work is the only way to achieve my goals for what I have enrolled here.

Regular lab meetings and also joint meetings with other lab has widened my spectrum of knowledge on the urban environment. Besides that access to huge volumes of journals, sufficient library has always been supplementary to going ahead with my research.

The department staffs providing help in every official matters and friends from and outside my lab are all helpful and co-operative. Apart from these, farewell, welcome and barbeque parties have been memorable and has built a strong brotherhood among all members of our department.

Message to students who wish to enter Urban Engineering.

My message to new students who wish to enter Urban Engineering is our department is not only well staffed with reputed professors but also fully equipped with advanced lab facilities. If you are dedicated, self-disciplined and hard-working and want to learn and contribute something to the environmental field then Urban Engineering at the University of Tokyo is the perfect platform for you.

Please allow us to welcome you and lets study and have fun together.