Urban Sustainability Science Laboratory

Why did you choose Urban Environmental Engineering?

Department of Urban Engineering offered the appropriate course for me who has interest in environmental fields. I always dreamed of study in Japan and figured out how Japan has overcome environmental deterioration in the past and confronted global warming currently.

Furthermore, I applied to The University of Tokyo with the advice of one of alumni from Urban Environmental Engineering (UEE). According to her, it would be a good chance for a student to do research in UEE, under the supervision of enthusiastic talented professors and with the support of effective library system and advanced laboratories.

How is your life in Urban Engineering?

Until now, I have enjoyed the intensive research environment and general friendly atmosphere in UEE.

Regarding academic environment, I have received continuous guidance, thoughtful ideas and stimulating suggestions from my supervisor. His enthusiastic supervision has inspired me to find out limitations in previous studies and achieve the objectives of my research. Also, I received valuable suggestions, guidance and contributions from all of the faculty members during Lab meetings, Joint-Lab meetings and Jury presentations.
Department staffs, lab secretary and Japanese students support me in all official matters related to Japanese. Their assistance helps me overcome the difficulties caused by language barriers. I also made friends with international students and experienced Japanese culture in Japanese classes.

Messages to students who wish to enter Urban Engineering.

I believe studying abroad is always a precious opportunity to broaden everyone’s horizons and brighten his future. UEE with an intensive academic environment and effective comprehensive supports is a promising place for those who have interests in environmental fields. I think prospective students can grasp that opportunity if you pursue your study in UEE.

In addition, you might face a lot of challenges when living in Japan like other newcomers have had. However, if you are determined and diligent, you will overcome those difficulties and get profits from your study in UEE.