Water Environment Technology Laboratory

Why did you choose Urban Environmental Engineering?

The University of Tokyo usually ranks among the best universities in Japan and is one of the top universities in Asia and in the world. The reputation was so attractive that I decided the University of Tokyo would be my next destination on my intellectual journey. In addition, I found many research fields within the Urban Environmental Engineering course, such as conservation of water quality and aquatic-ecosystem, environmental microbiology and water and wastewater treatment, were very interesting and suited to my background. Moreover, I believe that well-equipped laboratory facilities would provide a good research environment to achieve great success under the guidance of experienced professors.

How about your life in Urban Engineering?

About academic life: Urban Environmental Engineering offers a fantastic academic platform for me to develop my research skills and strategies and open my knowledge in a variety of research fields through regular meetings, such as, group, lab and joint meetings. Besides these, I also have had chances to learn about laboratory waste management and how to use available equipment through laboratory guidance in every semester.

About social life: I have had a chance to immerse myself in an international environment with various cultural backgrounds. All people are so kind and friendly. We have learn about each other not only academically but also throughout different cultures and languages, especially Japanese.

Messages to students who wish to enter Urban Engineering.

I strongly believe that you can find good academic activities, friends and instructors in Urban Environmental Engineering. Come and experience it yourself!