The Urban Sustainability Science Laboratory aims to contribute to sustainable society from the viewpoint of environmental engineering. Our laboratory’s research area covers a variety of scales, from global to personal, and  we conduct a wide range of studies targeting various places where there is human activity.

  • Impact of climate change on floods and health in the Asian monsoon region
  • Impact of climate change on the quality of life and proposal of adaptation measures for local municipalities
  • Renewable energy introduction in island regions
  • Networking of ecosystems, forest conservation, and timber utilization
  • Introduction of distributed water treatment technology
  • Acceptability of urban farms
  • COVID-19 risk assessment in indoor spaces, such as concert halls and pubs
  • Psychological mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gasses
  • Information provision to enhance people’s pro-environmental behaviors
  • Sustainable eating behaviors focusing on protein sources

The laboratory has opened its doors to students and researchers from outside of Japan and from different fields. We conduct research activities with an international atmosphere and respect for diverse perspectives.